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In 2008, Grant Beacon Middle School was selected to be part of the College for Every Student (CFES) program based out of Cornwall, Vermont. It was a tremendous honor to have been selected for this rigorous program, which focuses on helping students in inner-city schools get to college. CFES focuses on three core principles to drive its success:

  • Pathways to College builds a bridge between our school and local colleges and allows students “to visit college campuses, interact with college students and faculty, and gain exposure to admissions, financial aid, and other components that help Scholars move toward college.”
  • Mentoring “fosters academic and personal growth among CFES Scholars by providing them an opportunity to build a supportive relationship with an older, more experienced individual who can serve as a role model.”
  • Leadership through Service activities are “designed to help CFES Scholars identify and express their leadership potential to improve their school or neighborhood or the global community.”

We offer a wide range of opportunities for our students through our CFES programs. below you will find a list of our CFES after school clubs and a brief description of each.
  • Boosters- In charge of school spirit activities.
  • ChangeMakers- Plans and implements school service leadership projects
  • CFES Press- Student run newsletter
  • Mentors Training- Monthly, ongoing training for peer mentoring
  • School Store & Color Guard- School supplies and treats sales and flag bearers
  • S.W.A.T. team- Peer tutoring group

For students needing help with the CFES Elective class, please click here to go to that page and check for class information, forms or announcements.


December Newsletter


Happy Holidays

Mentoring in Classes: October-November The 8th grade CFES Elective students have been coming down during 7th period to help 6th graders with their online projects.



Visit from Duncan Scherer: October 14th 2010 We had a visit from our friend back East, so he could see some of the great work our CFES scholars are doing on their wikis. Needless to say, Duncan was super impressed with our scholars and what they are able to achieve when given the chance. For those of you who don't know, these students are creating digital portfolios to track service, mentoring college skills, tours and work samples. You can see more on my CFES Elective page. In the picture below, you can see that the kids are all sporting "Croghan Beards."


Tristan Helping in our After School WIKI labs: October
In an effort to help students get caught up on wikis and writing assignments for Social Studies, Math and Language Arts, a number of CFES students stayed after school to help run computer labs. Below, Tristan is helping a student format a wikispace.

New CFES Board: September 28, 2010

To celebrate our groups, we have installed a new board on the front of the school. The pictures below show the board. It is not a permanent fixture though. We plan on moving this board to another prominent area, and will replace it with a new communication board that will inform CFES students about upcoming events, celebrate past projects and showcase student successes. We hope to have it installed in the next few weeks, so keep looking for it.



Sorry, I did a bad job of keeping the old photos, below are a few that I have left. ;-)

Mentor Training: September 14, 2009

We had a great time at Regis University, and met a lot of new people. The Grant CFES kids made presentations, worked with students from around the district, and, of course, excelled! Here are some of the pictures:


Student mentors are dedicated to their studies and are seen as leaders among their peers. They also play important roles in building school culture, improving student success and in giving students a voice here at Grant.

Students wishing to apply to be a CFES mentor need to see Mr. Croghan or Ms. Huston for an application.


Big Thanks to Whole Foods!

Our neighborhood Whole Foods at 1111 S. Washington selected us for their bag donation program in January of 2010. Customers that visited the store through April were able to donate reusable bag credits to help our school. The combined efforts and generosity of Whole Foods and their customers raised over $2250 for our school to put towards our mission of going green. Together we are working to make Grant beautiful from the inside out.

For more information:

Visit the Store at 1111 S. Washington St.
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