Class Rules and Expectations

General Rules
1) Be respectful
2) Remain quiet for direct instruction
3) Wait for directions: Raise hand and be patient
4) Ask Three then Me
5) Improper use of equipment results in loss of privilege
6) Take pride in yourself and this room
7) Make good decisions

a) Internet Safety is paramount
b) Cyber-bullying is never okay
c) Protect yourself and your peers
d) go easy on the equipment

When We Enter and Leave the Lab:
1) Come in quietly
2) Sit in assigned seat
3) Log in to computer
4) Navigate to class wikisite
5) Wait for directions
6) Don't enter without teacher in the room

Leaving the room:
1) Log out of e-mail, wikisite and etc.
2) Shut down internet connection
3) Shut down the computer (logoff only in rare occasions)
4) Shut off monitor (screen)
5) Push in monitor and keyboard
6) Place mouse on keyboard
7) Straighten and clean area
8) Remain in seat until dismissed and push chair in when leaving

Internet Safety
1) Never use your full name
2) Never leave personal information (id numbers, addresses, schedule info, school info, images)
3) Avoid "friending" anyone outside this class and never anyone you don't know
4) Remember, once it's out there, anyone and everyone can see it, copy it, post it try to use it, and it may never go away
5) Other miscellaneous.

Cyber bullying
1) Never allowed! It can, has and will result in loss of privilege, administrative referral, police involvement, legal and criminal issues.
2) There is no number two!

1) Only Mr. Croghan approved games are allowed (see his links)
2) Only academic used for e-mail, blogs, wikis and etc.
3) Be responsible about what you find and see on the net. (accidents happen, don't make them issues)
4) Exceptions for headphones/earbuds
5) No food or drink