Era of Reform Research Page

Important People from the Era of Reform:

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More Information on Reformers

Reform Movements
  • Spiritual: Second Great Awakening & Transcendentalism
  • Mentally Ill & Prisons
  • Education
  • Abolition
  • Women's Rights

Other Resources
Below are some other resources you may choose to use for your research and to complete the assignment.

Useful search keywords (by movement):
Below are just a few (not all) key words that you may try when doing your internet research.
  1. For all Movements: Reform, Reform in (Mid-1800s, 19th century, Pre Civil War, Antebellum US, US)
  2. Spirituality: Second Great Awakening, transcendentalism, model communities, utopias
  3. Prisoners and Mentally Ill: Jails, asylums, mental institutions, treatment of prisoners/mentally ill
  4. Education: schools, public education
  5. Abolition: slavery, abolitionists, 13th Amendment, 14th Amendment, 15th Amendment
  6. Women's Rights: Suffrage, Seneca Falls, Declaration of Sentiments, Women's right to vote

Other useful sites: