Game Sites:

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High School Links:

1) South:
2) Lincoln:
3) CEC:
4) North:
5) Montbello:
6) Manuel:
7) Bruce Randolf:
8) Denver School of the Arts (DSA):
9) East:
10) Martin Luther King:
11) Thomas Jefferson:
12) West:
13) John F. Kennedy:
14) George Washington:
15) Denver Center for International Studies:

DPS School List:

Go to this site to understand how to "choice" into a high school:

Go to this site to see school in DPS:

College Resources:

College in Colorado:

College Summit:


Common Application:

Prevent Cyber-bullying:
Use the following links to become more informed about internet safety and in the prevention of cyber-bullying:

Life Skills:


Preparing for a job interview (what to say):
Interview Skills from Lindsey Miller, Conference 2010

Preparing for a job interview (how to look):
Lindsey Miller's Presentation from Conference 2010

Useful sites for US government:

Article I: Legislative
Senate Links:

House of Representatives Links:

All of Congress:

Article II: Executive
President Links:

Vice President and Cabinet Links:

Presidential Elections:

Article III: Judicial
Supreme Court Links:

Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence:

Constitution Preview Assignment

Follow the steps in yellow to complete the tasks outlined in today's notes. In the last ten minute of class, you will write a summary describing what you have learned about the US Constitution today. Important thoughts and questions are highlighted in green.

Step 1) Work collaboratively with a partner to complete notes using this site:
Use this site to complete your notes:
-What is the preamble and what does it do?
-What is described in each article? (1-7)
-What is an amendment?
-How many amendments are there?
-Describe the first Amendment.

Step 2) Partner Read the Kid Friendly Constitution:
Discuss what you read:
-What does this document do?
-Do you think this document is important? Why or why not?
-Now write your summary for today's notes in your notebook.

Step 3) Preamble:
Discuss what you read:
-What kinds of goals does the government have?

Step 4) Articles:
Discuss what your read:
-What do the articles do?

Step 5) General Information:
Discuss what you read;
-What kinds of things are protected by the Constitution?

-What is the Bill of Rights?

Other Useful Links

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(many will require memberships, so be sure your parents are okay with you joining)

Using Google:

Online Resources:

Video Links:

Audio Links:

Coloring Pages:


Census Data:

Current Events:


Online Poster Maker:

Video/Audio Creating and Editing:

Website design:


Click to hear Mrs. Svoboda

Picture with Audio:

Collaborative Photo/Video Sharing:

Embed Photos:


Digital Storytelling (How to and Help):

Digital Storytelling:

Video with Subtitles:

Comic Strips:

Avatars: (cool, but not easy for making the avatar) (kind of useful like a blabberize character)

Video Game Creators:

Flash Card Maker:


Hit Counter Widgets:

Traffic Feed Widgets:

Online Chat:


Collaborative Writing:

Online Feedback:

Free Flash Website Creator:

Download Video:

Condense long URLs:

Free Media:

Royalty Free Music

Make your own Music:

Music Games:

Word Fun:

Online Polls:

Various Digital Media: (Pictures, Video Audio)


Photo Searches (should all be school appropriate):

Photo Searches (may have mildly inappropriate images):

Photo Editing and Fun:

Blogging Tips and Tools:

Online Collaborative Projects (How to do with other schools)

Connecting Classrooms Tools and Resources

Online notes:


Graffiti Art:

QR Code Information and Generators:


For Fun:

Twicionary: Twitter Lexicon, acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations:

Steaming Music: (can't download)

Making and Infographic:

Cheating Elephant:

Social Studies Links:

Preamble Puzzle:

Larry Ferlazzo:

Smithsonian: Star Spangled Banner

CIA- World Leaders List:

History Channel:

Today in History:
History Channel Games:

Discovery Channel:
Discovery Kids Channel:

Larry Ferlazzo:


National Debt:


Bill of Rights:
While I am not a radical, I love the links to the FindLaw website:

Links to make puzzles and play games that are good for practicing all subjects (not just Social Studies):
Teacher, student and parent use:
Pete's Powerpoint Index:
Mr. Nussbaum:

(Hero Journey)


Fun with Foldables:
Online Storage/Clouds:

Miscellaneous:Discovery Education (Puzzles):
Sheppard Software (General Games):
US Geography Games:
History Maps:
US History Activities:
US History Trivia:
World Geography Games:
Video Sites:100 video sites Social Studies Resources: Stuff:
Educational Music:




You name it:

Wiki Help:


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math):

Great Science Videos (and others)

ASL Dictionary:
Leadership/service/student References:
Just for fun:My Crazy Dream: Make your own on Doodle (Les Paul b-day-play googtar):
Colorado State Capitol Virtual Tours:

Don't waste your time:

My blog: I am determined to have my students use blogs by next year. This being the case, I have started a blog of my own in an effort to be sure I know what I am doing. Please feel free to take a look, but understand that it is a work in progress. I appreciate any positive feedback and constructive criticism.

My other Teacher Buddies/resources:

Clip Art:

Transition Words:
Transition Sets

Summary Writing:
Basic Writing:

Citizenship Study Guides and Practice Tests:

Study Guides:
In English:
In Spanish:
Online Practice:
In English:
In Spanish:

Listen to yourself:

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