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Grant Social Studies Department Links:
Mr. Croghan
Ms. Ingram
Ms. Cocos
Mr. Horowitz

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Donation and Volunteer Opportunities:

There are all sorts of donation and volunteer opportunities for business and individuals that wish to help out our future generations. Currently, I do not have any groups that I am working with for fundraising, and I am still planning events that may be able to use adult volunteers. If you wish to help, or if you know of any individuals or organizations wishing to help, please let me know.

Special thanks to the following organizations and their contributors for your past and ongoing support in my classes.
- Whole Foods
- Adopt-a-classroom
- Donors Choose
- College for Every Student
- Peace Jam


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Common Questions:

Where can I find Parent Portal?

To check student attendance, grades and coursework from home, use this tool. To access parent portal, you can click the link below.

What is my student's homework requirement for Croghan's class?

  • Social Studies students do not have regularly scheduled homework

Does Croghan offer tutoring?

  • I offer Social Studies tutoring to my students after school on Monday through Thursday. I also help students before and after school by appointment.
  • Club Z! starts in November. Although I am not part of the "Club Z!" program, I suggest that students look into this option. Many students are eligible for this free service. To find out more, call (303) 692-1801 or check their website at
  • For more information, see my tutoring page on this site.


  • izzit is one link that I find useful for current events. The resources on this site provide a great way to get students involved in thinking about the world around them. Since it does not fit neatly on any of my other pages, I am providing the link here.

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