Russell's Homepage

Welcome to the Russell Homepage.

Who is this Russell?

Many of you did not know this, but Mr. Croghan has a teaching assistant. His name is Russell. Russell was born millions of years ago and he was gifted with the extraordinary long life. We do not know if he lives forever. All we do know is that he has not died yet.
Russell sometimes likes to show up in Mr. Croghan’s class when he thinks students need the most help in visualizing things that have happened in the past. You see, Russell usually brings artifacts with him to show students objects created by humans that remain from a particular period in time. These artifacts can include all sorts of things like tools, weapons, clothing, toys, books, paintings, machines, games and even buildings (or at least small models of buildings). Who knows, perhaps in a thousand years he will be showing students cell phones, iPods and jewelry from your generation. We will often be working with Russell to find artifacts that we can share in class.

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