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Class Overview
Students in Sixth Grade Geography are engaged in work that requires them to think like geographers, write like geographers, and ask questions like geographers. They are working towards becoming proficient critical thinkers and problem solvers. The curriculum is a hands-on journey into the world around us. The class is studying the various regions of the world examining its physical and human geography. Students will use the geographic inquiry process to develop a spatial understanding of the the world that will better prepare them to become globally aware citizens.

Class Syllabus
Unit 1: Introduction to Social Studies at Grant
Learning Goal: Students will learn to work cooperatively in groups

Unit 2: Tools of a Geographer
Learning Goal: Students will identify and use five elements of a map (Title, Legend, Compass Rose, Map Grid, and Scale)

Unit 3: Seeing the World like a Geographer
Learning Goal: Students will identify the six thematic maps and analyze them to find information about the world

Unit 4: Global Sneaker/International Towne
Learning Goals:
  1. Student will explain the impact of Globalization on people and places
  2. Students will analyze the global efforts need to design, manufacture, and distribute a particular product

Unit 5: Population in Japan
Learning Goal: Student will analyze how the population affects the lives of people around the world

Unit 6: The Great Lakes and Freshwater Ecosystems
Learning Goal: Students will explain negative affects humans have on freshwater ecosystems and what they are doing to correct them. (Habitat Loss, Pollution, Invasive Species)

Unit 7: Migration to the United States, Impacts on the People
Learning Goal: Students will analyze the cause and types of human migration and its effects on places.

Unit 8: Land Use Conflicts in the Amazon Rainforest
Learning Goal: Students will explain land use conflicts from multiple perspectives

Unit 9: Antarctica; Researching Global Warming
Learning Goal: Students will explain arguments for and against global warming

Ongoing Unit: Mapping Labs (Monsoon Asia, Canada and the United States, South America)
Learning Goals:
  1. Students will use the six thematic maps to find absolute locations and describe the geography of Monsoon Asia.
  2. Student will use multiple thematic maps to the physical and human geography of Canada and the United States.
  3. Students will analyze a photograph to and use all thematic map to conclude its location.

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