Welcome to Mr. Croghan's Class Pages

Use this site to find out information about assignments, assessments and upcoming events. Use the links to the left to navigate to your class or activity page. Check it out! My class is now on twitter. Parents and students can follow my class tweets for the most up-to-date information about Class, CFES and school events. The social network just got cooler.

My Mission . . .
I am driven to improve the development of my students’ critical-thinking skills. I strive to create a sound knowledge base in Social Studies for my students, and I aim to instill in them the expertise needed to use that information. Through my enthusiasm for their success, I seek to motivate my students to continue with the process of life-long learning.

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Check it out! I was interviewed by the Teaching Channel for the "My Teacher My Hero" segment that they do. While they didn't get my job quite right, everything else is spot on.

Site Launched August 12, 2008.